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This website is an historical archive and is no longer updated - for contemporary assistance please see our Quercus Support Resources website.

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How do I change my preferred display name?

To change your preferred display name in the Quercus please visit  Changes will be represented in Quercus after approximately 24 hours.

How do I access Quercus?

Individuals with working UTORids can access Quercus, the University of Toronto’s new Canvas-based teaching and learning environment, at

What will happen to Portal (Blackboard) Organizations?

Portal Organizations will be migrated over to a number of destinations.  These include Microsoft Office 365 website Teams, OneDrive and simple tools such as listservs.  Course-related Portal…

Why is it called Quercus?

A student contest was conducted in the fall of 2017 to name the new LME. Three students proposed the name Quercus, all citing it as…

How was Canvas selected?

Canvas was selected through a formal RFP process that included community consultation. You can learn more about the selection at

When can I start to use Canvas?

The aim is to have all courses in the new environment by September 2018. The expected implementation timelines are as follows: October 2017 – December 2017: Primary…

What is Canvas?

Canvas is the modern LME software made by Instructure Inc. that U of T has selected to power its academic toolbox.

What is a learning management engine or LME?

A learning management engine or LME is a software service that operates like an ‘operating system’ on a smart phone. The service platform will allow for the integration of…