Academic Toolbox Renewal

This website is an historical archive and is no longer updated - for contemporary assistance please see our Quercus Support Resources website.

Oct-Dec, 2017: Divisional Kickoff Meetings, Instructure onsite visit-technical and training, Primary technical configuration, Initial Train the trainer, Identifying the divisional key contact-3 channels, Confirming early adopters and providing orientation-10 sessions   Jan-April 2018: Early Adopters using Quercus-43 courses with 3250 students, Extensive "train the trainer"-biweekly sessions, First round of central and divisional trainings, High priority 3rd party tool integration & application customization, Content migration plan roll out  May-Aug 2018: Second round of early adopters using Quercus, Second round of central and extensive divisional training, Complete 3rd party integration & customization, Complete content migration to the new system, Full roll out of the mobile applicationĀ ,  September 2018: Complete migration to Quercus, Ongoing divisional support and secondary central support in place, Continuous faculty and staff training to use the new system, Quercus becomes sole LME at U of T