Academic Toolbox Renewal

This website is an historical archive and is no longer updated - for contemporary assistance please see our Quercus Support Resources website.

Fall 2007 November: Finalize the new LME & make university-wide announcement November/December: Project team to meet with all the Divisions in person December: SIS Integration, creation of sandbox & Early adopter access December: Early Adopters ready to start teaching on Quercus 100% Done
Winter 2018 February-April: Present at all divisions and departmental meetings to inform and train end users April: Complete train the trainer sessions April: Complete third party integration for the highest impact tools April: Summer Adopters ready to start teaching on Quercus 100% Done
Summer 2018 May: Make all Fall courses available in Quercus for all instructors July: Complete the 3rd party integrations currently in production August: Complete archiving all courses and content migration for fall courses August: Complete central and divisional trainings for end users 100%


All instructors ready to teach on Quercus for Fall 2018 Roll out ongoing teaching and learning support for Quercus. 100% Done.