Academic Toolbox Renewal

Quercus is a great platform that allows tools to be integrated into the University of Toronto renewed academic toolbox.

Existing third-party integrations will be ported from the Portal to Quercus as part of the LME implementation project. Idea submissions for new Quercus integrations will be queued and reviewed during the post-implementation phase.

Suggestions are welcome and new tool ideas can be submitted via the ACT integration website.


IntegrationPortal (Blackboard) StatusTargeted ReleaseQuercus Status
PepperPilotFall AvailabilityCompleted, Available in Quercus
WebWorkPilotFall AvailabilityCompleted, Pilot Status in Quercus
TeamUPPilotFall AvailabilityCompleted, Pilot Status in Quercus
Blackboard Collaborate UltraPilotSummer AvailabilityCompleted, Available in Quercus
CrowdmarkProductionFall AvailabilityCompleted, Available in Quercus
iclickerProductionFall AvailabilityCompleted, Available in Quercus
McGraw Hill ConnectPilotFall AvailabilityCompleted, Pilot Status in Quercus
Pearson MyLab and MasteringPilotFall AvailabilityCompleted, Available in Quercus
peerScholarProductionSummer AvailabilityCompleted, Available in Quercus
TurnitinProductionSummer AvailabilityCompleted, Available in Quercus
WileyPLUSProductionFall AvailabilityCompleted, Available in Quercus
Blue Course EvaluationsProductionSummer AvailabilityCompleted, Available in Quercus
Library Course ReservesProductionFall AvailabilityCompleted, Available in Quercus
QuizzicalPilotFall AvailabilityCompleted, Available in Quercus
YouTubeProductionSummer AvailabilityCompleted, Available in Quercus
Engineering Assignment Assessment SystemPilotFall AvailabilityCompleted, Available in Quercus
Vocabulary Expansion AcceleratorPilotFall AvailabilityCompleted, Available in Quercus
Cengage WebAssignPilotPost ImplementationIn Progress
Microsoft O365No integrationPost ImplementationIn Progress
LabsterPilotPost ImplementationCompleted, Pilot Status in Quercus
Library ResourcesProductionPost ImplementationCompleted, Available in Quercus


Additional Tools Developed by the University of Toronto

Developed ToolDescriptionQuercus Status
UT Advanced Group Tool (UTAGT)Can be used to create group sets based on individual lecture, tutorial or practical course section and other U of T specific information.Completed
UT Optical Mark Recognition (UTOMR)Can be used to upload grades produced from optical mark recognition software such as Remark Office and OpScan.Completed