Project Communique: Feb. 5, 2018

Good morning everyone!

Hope you are doing well and have started a fantastic February! 

You are receiving this email as you have been identified as the Divisional Lead for the Toolbox Renewal Project.

Here is are a few highlights in the last two weeks!

Technical Updates

The technical team is working with the Technical Working Group to finalize the course and account roles permission.

Also they are working on the top three third party integration with Quercus based on impact: Turnitin, Blue, Peerscholar.


Train the trainer webinars continue to run every other week with over 40 participants for each session! The schedule is listed on our website under the training section.

We also had a very success CAMP QUERCUS event on Friday Jan 26th! It was a full day training event with over 70 individuals invited to participate from all divisions. I have attached a picture of the day.

We are starting our Divisional one hour information sessions today where the end users (Faculty and Staff) are invited to attend and learn more about the system, project plan and resources available to them!

Please visit our website ( for more information. For January and February our focus is to raise awareness about the project and encourage everyone explore Quercus!


The project team is working with all departments to present at their departmental meetings for 15 minutes to inform the participants of, the sandbox available to everyone and the importance of faculty members archiving their courses. 

Furthermore, we are attending divisional town hall meetings to talk more about each division plan and answer questions about the project. 

Please visit our website for the high level training plan and feel free to reach out to me (or email us) for more information or to invite us attend any town hall, departmental, divisional meeting you see necessary beyond what we are doing!

Thank you

Haniyeh Yousofpour, PhD, MBA, PMP
Toolbox Renewal Project Manager
Project Website: