2017 Milestones

While the consultation and contract negotiation phases took longer than expected, once we knew what the engine would be for our new Toolbox, we set ourselves some immediate goals, and put the pedal to the metal.


Before the end of 2017, here were the goals we set for ourselves:

  • Set up the project stewardship structure  √
  • Get the production and test instances up and running  √
  • Get data from ROSI flowing into the new system  √
  • Ensure that UTORid single sign on was working  √
  • Identify some early adopters to start teaching with the new system in January (and get them the necessary training and support)  √
  • Begin rolling out training to the distributed community of professional staff  √
  • Begin establishing customized roll-out plans with every division  √
  • Create a sandbox course for every instructor (as identified by ROSI), and get those instructors access to the system  √
  • Begin creating support materials and resources  √
  • Get a new name for our new Toolbox 🙂   √

We are pleased to say that we’ve hit our milestones.

And now we are looking forward to an exciting 2018!

Happy holidays to those celebrating, and a relaxing break for all!