Happy Thursday afternoon from the project’s Technical Working Group meeting. Today the group is reviewing the way in which ROSI (SIS) information is imported into the LME that forms the core of the new toolbox ecosystem. This includes user information, course information, enrollment information, and so on. Of particular interest is the use of ROSI’s primary and secondary organizational affiliations – basically, most courses are associated with their home division (aka Faculty) and a secondary organization, such as a department. This has important implications around administrative access to manage courses through sub-admin accounts. One of the hopes for the project is the desire to empower divisional professional staff to manage their courses within their division’s cultural and pedagogical contexts.

According to Eric from Rotman, “it is nice to see the progress being made, it feels like there are still steps to be made, but we are making progress, slow but sure. It will be interesting to see the level of granularity in terms of rights and roles.”

Technical Working Group photo of participants in a meeting room
(thanks to the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation for use of the Blackburn Room at Robarts Library)