The Brain Trust

Today (Nov. 29) is a big day in our project.

Instructure staff are back on campus for an all-day training session with many of the University’s educational technology staff from all over the University (all three campuses!).

This is part of our train-the-trainer model, where enabling and empowering our colleagues to manage the roll-out and support in their own divisional contexts is a top priority.

We’ve already had some small group training for early adopters and their support colleagues, but this larger day is also an opportunity to continue building the community of practice amongst the University’s professional staff.

The energy in the room is palatable. Chatting with Derek from OISE, “accessibility features of the new system seem significantly improved, and the interactive rubrics make grading much faster.”

“The system is very configurable and organic for providing resources,” added Bilal from UofT Libraries.

More opportunities for professional staff, and instructors, will be forthcoming, but this was a day many of us were excitedly waiting for.

(thanks to the folks in the Education Commons at OISE for hosting our big day)