Academic Toolbox Renewal

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Our new Learning Portal will operate more like a smart phone. So, how does a smart phone work?

Credit Ken JonesWell, it’s got a few key parts – it’s got an app store, and apps, but it also has an operating system (for example, iOS or Android) that ties things together. All of these things work together because of common standards.

For our future Learning Portal, we need an ‘operating system’ – what we call the core Learning Management Engine (LME).

Over the past year, we asked people at UofT what they wanted to see in this core LME, and in the Spring of this year, we issued a Request for Proposals, and received responses from some companies.

Starting in August, everyone at UofT is going to get a chance to ‘test drive’ some of the options, and give feedback on what they liked, and what they didn’t.