Academic Toolbox Renewal

This website is an historical archive and is no longer updated - for contemporary assistance please see our Quercus Support Resources website.

Toolbox Renewal Contact

You are welcome to contact the project team at through our central support E-Mail or the form below.

    As part of the project roll out, each division has identified key contacts in these three ares:

    • Divisional leadership contact for the project to communicate with for strategic decisions and ongoing high level project updates.
    • Key Communication Contact to receive regular project updates from the project team and communicate with their community (faculty, staff, students) and to communicate any divisional concern or questions to the project team.
    • Training and Technical lead responsible for coordinating and leading the divisional trainings and participate in the central train the trainer sessions.

    We will be working with the key divisional contacts to facilitate divisional training and support sessions.

    Divisional Contacts and Support

    Click each title for details:

    Applied Science and Engineering, Faculty of
    • Divisional leadership: Tom Coyle
    • Key Communication Contact: Allison Van Beek
    • Training and TechnicalAllison Van Beek


    Architecture, Landscape, and Design, John H. Daniels Faculty of
    • Divisional leadership: Andrea McGee, Kate Nelischer, Maxim Batourine
    • Key Communication Contact: Kate Nelischer
    • Training and Technical: Heather Huckfield, Sofia Joot


    Arts and Science, Faculty of
    • Divisional leadership: Alana Boland
    • Key Communication Contact: Pam Gravestock
    • Training and Technical: Lena Paulo Kushnir


    Dentistry, Faculty of
    • Divisional leadership: Jim Lai, James Fiege & Beth Hensler
    • Key Communication Contact: James Fiege
    • Training and TechnicalMarisa Curmi & Mike Limberger


    Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in
    • Divisional leadership:  Doug McDougall
    • Key Communication Contact: Doug Ullrich
    • Training and Technical Derek Hunt


    Forestry, Faculty of
    • Divisional leadership: John Caspersen
    • Key Communication Contact: Laura Lapchinski


    Graduate Studies, School of
    • Divisional leadership:  Liz Smyth
    • Key Communication Contact: Alison Kenzie
    • Training and Technical Corey Dales


    Information, Faculty of
    • Divisional leadership: Barb Brown & Kelly Lyons
    • Key Communication Contact: Barb Brown
    • Training and Technical: Anna Oh


    Kinesiology and Physical Education, Faculty of
    • Divisional leadership: Gretchen Kerr & Paul Morrison
    • Key Communication Contact: Carolyn Laidlaw
    • Training and Technical: Steve Maione


    Law, Faculty of
    • Divisional leadership: Gian Medves
    • Key Communication Contact: Gian Medves
    • Training and TechnicalGian Medves & Susan Barker


    Management, Joseph L. Rotman School of
    • Divisional leadership: Susan McNaught & Mihnea Moldoveanu
    • Key Communication Contact: Susan McNaught & Mihnea Moldoveanu
    • Training and Technical: Jeff Quinlan


    Management, Joseph L. Rotman School of
    • Divisional leadership: Susan McNaught & Mihnea Moldoveanu
    • Key Communication Contact: Susan McNaught & Mihnea Moldoveanu
    • Training and Technical: Jeff Quinlan


    Medicine, Faculty of

    Medicine, Post MD (PGME and CPD):

    • Divisional leadership: Sam Chan & Tamara Bahr
    • Key Communication Contact: Tamara Bahr
    • Training and TechnicalTamara Bahr

    Medicine, MD Program:

    • Divisional leadership: Sam Chan
    • Key Communication Contact: Sam Chan
    • Training and TechnicalSam Chan

    Medicine, GLSE:

    • Divisional leadership: Sam Chan & Joseph Ferenbok
    • Key Communication Contact: Rachel Zulla (Graduate) & Natasha Lowe (Undergraduate)
    • Training and TechnicalRachel Zulla (Graduate) & Natasha Lowe (Undergraduate)

    Medicine, Rehab:

    • Divisional leadership: Rob Page
    • Key Communication Contact: Rob Page
    • Training and Technical: Rob Page

    Medicine, PA program

    • Divisional leadership: Maureen Gottesman, Elizabeth Whitmell, Peter Tzakas & Sharona Kanofsky
    • Key Communication Contact: Maureen Gottesman, Elizabeth Whitmell, Peter Tzakas & Sharona Kanofsky
    • Training and Technical: Maureen Gottesman, Elizabeth Whitmell, Peter Tzakas & Sharona Kanofsky

    Medicine, Anesthesia Department:

    • Key Communication Contact: Brenda Bui


    Music, Faculty of
    • Divisional leadership: TBD
    • Key Communication Contact: TBD
    • Training and Technical: Sebastiano Bisciglia


    Nursing, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of
    • Divisional leadership: Ann Tourangeau & Neal MacInnes
    • Key Communication Contact: Neal MacInnes
    • Training and Technical: Neal MacInnes


    Pharmacy, Leslie L. Dan Faculty of
    • Divisional leadership: Lachmi Singh
    • Key Communication Contact: Lachmi Singh
    • Training and Technical: Frank Fan


    Public Health, Dalla Lana School of
    • Divisional leadership: Adrian Gomes, Sue Bondy & Robin Hurst
    • Key Communication Contact: Adrian Gomes & Sue Bondy
    • Training and Technical: Adrian Gomes & Sue Bondy


    Social Work, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of
    • Divisional leadership: Shelley Craig & Natasha Valentine
    • Key Communication Contact: Natasha Valentine
    • Training and TechnicalNatasha Valentine


    University of Toronto Mississauga
    • Divisional leadership: Shelley Hawrychuk
    • Key Communication Contact: Elaine Goettler & Elaine Goettler
    • Training and Technical: Kenneth Berry and the team


    University of Toronto Scarborough
    • Divisional leadership: Clare Hasenkampf
    • Key Communication Contact: Johann Bayer
    • Training and Technical: Adon Irani


    University of Toronto Libraries
    • Divisional leadership: Sian Meikle
    • Key Communication Contact: Heather Buchansky
    • Training and Technical: Bilal Khalid