Project Communiques: May 7, 2018

Good morning everyone!

You are receiving this email because you have been identified as the Toolbox Renewal Technical and Training Leads (TBRTTL) for your Division to lead the technical and training support for your division. I am CCing the Toolbox Renewal Initiative Key Communication Contact (TBRKCC) at each Division as well.

Quercus Training

As we have entered the 3rd phase of the project, the focus is now to train the end users. The training sessions lead by CTSI are posted on our website:

As communicated previously please plan your end user training and kindly advise us of your divisional training to we can track them for the project and we can also post them on the website (unless you ask us not to). Contract us for any questions or concerns about your divisional training (if we are not already working with you on a plan). 

Last Friday at Techknowfule Conference we presented “Taking Teaching to the Next Level with Quercus” demoing some of Quercus features and capabilities to the community and had about 60 participants. We will share the slides at TEST group.

Quercus Day:

This week we have Quercus Day occurring across all three campuses. The sessions are run from 10 am to 3 pm and participants can drop in without registration. The dates are:

Monday May 7: UTM
Tuesday May 8: UTSC
Friday May 11: St. George

You can visit our website for the location and agenda for each campus:

Please share this information with your community for end users to attend and benefit from theses informative sessions!

Content Migration 

With the Summer course shells available from beginning of April and many instructors teaching on Quercus already we are seeing an increase in system storage signaling content migration. 

All Fall course shells are now available on Quercus! Instructors who have been assigned to their courses in ROSI can now access their Fall course shells on Quercus and start migrating their course content. 

We are offering content migration assistants for content migration.  Please inform of us any course migration initiatives you are leading at your division and email us at if you need to coordinate content migration clinics supported by our content migration assistants!

Please visit our website for more information at 

Thank you

Haniyeh Yousofpour, PhD, MBA, PMP
Toolbox Renewal Project Manager 

Project Website: