Project Communique: April 30, 2018

Good afternoon everyone,

You are receiving this email as you have been identified as the Divisional Lead for the Toolbox Renewal Project.

Please see the recent project updates:


We continue to attend the departmental meetings to raise awareness about the project and inform the attendees of, the sandbox available to instructors and the importance of instructors archiving their content before Aug 31, 2018. 

Today we had a significant presence at the CTSI Teaching and Learning Symposium held at Rotman School of Business with tri campus representation. Later this week, we are presenting at TechKnowFile Conference. Our session “Taking Teaching to the Next level with Quercus” is scheduled at 10:10 am on Friday May 4th


In addition to all the summer course shells that have become available on Quercus, the fall course shells will become available by the end of week to all instructors. Quercus will be the only LME available as of September 1, 2018. Students will not see the course shell until the instructor activate the course. 

Since we have released the summer course shells, between April 4 and April 26, the system storage has almost doubled (currently at 3.3 gigs) indicating content migration activity by end users. 

56 individuals have been trained and given Subaccount access covering 360 division and departments in ROSI.


We are holding weekly Quickstart with Quercus training sessions centrally during the month of May (classroom and virtually) and we continue to work with our divisional key Technical and Training contacts to ensure they are holding end user Quickstart with Quercus training locally at their division as well. 

On the week of May 7th we have tri-campus Quercus Day (UTM: May 7th, UTSC: May 8th, St. George: May 11th). Quercus day is an event with presentations and hands-on demos for end users to learn more about Quercus. More information is available on our website:

Furthermore, we are working with each divisional Technical and Training lead to hold Content Migration sessions where we provide central support and migration assistants.

Please visit our website for more information and feel free to reach out to me (or email us) for more information or to invite us attend any town hall, departmental, divisional meeting you see necessary beyond what we are doing!

Thank you

Haniyeh Yousofpour, PhD, MBA, PMP
Toolbox Renewal Project Manager