Project Communique: April 10, 2018

Hello everyone,

You are receiving this email as you have been identified as the Divisional Lead for the Toolbox Renewal Project.

Hope you are doing well.

Here are a few project updates:


We continue to attend the departmental meetings to raise awareness about the project and inform the attendees of, the sandbox available to instructors and the importance of instructors archiving their content before Aug 31, 2018. We have attended 34 so far. 

We are holding a session on Quercus for the TechKnowFile conference on May 3-4 on St. George Campus to raise more awareness in the community about Quercus and its capabilities. 

The decision to release summer courses in Quercus was discussed in ATRG advisory board, recommended by Technical Working Group, approved by steering committee and communicated to all divisional technical and training key contacts at the beginning of April.

Technical – Action Required

All summer courses shells have become available on Quercus (they are also available on Portal) and we have communicated to the key communication contacts and technical and training leads to inform the instructors that they have the choice to teach in either system for summer term (understanding not all the integration and customized products are available on Quercus yet). Students will not see the course shell until the instructor activate the course. 

For summer we are on track to have Turnitin, Blue and PeerScholar as well as iClicker Classic and WileyPlus integrated in Quercus and ready to use.

We have given admin access to all the individuals (over 50 across divisions) who have submitted the signed confidentiality agreement.


We have held a few Quickstart with Quercus training sessions centrally already and we continue to work with our divisional key Technical and Training contacts to ensure they are holding end user Quickstart with Quercus training locally at each division. We encourage all divisions to reach out to us as soon as possible to inform of their divisional training sessions so we can post the date and location on our website.

We held two admin access training sessions at CTSI last week and this week training over 50 individuals with admin access privileges at Quercus. 

Please visit our website for more information and feel free to reach out to me (or email us) for more information or to invite us attend any town hall, departmental, divisional meeting you see necessary beyond what we are doing!

Thank you

Haniyeh Yousofpour, PhD, MBA, PMP
Toolbox Renewal Project Manager