2018 Starts

Welcome back to school.

The Quercus roll out is off to a good start. We have more than 40 active courses with approximately 3500 students running this semester.

And we are busy moving forward with the next stages, which can be broken into three major threads or themes:

(1) Instructor/Course Migration: We are actively working with divisional colleagues to put in place strategies to begin moving instructors and courses over to the new system. Key features for this include training, migration strategies, content archiving, boot camps, and so on. Stay tuned for more, however, all instructors have access to the system, including a course for instructors on Quercus once you log in (so you can get started learning the system now). There is also additional support materials being added – check the FAQ section of this website (top right corner).

(2) Backend functionality / 3rd Party tools: The technical team is hard at work adding some of the additional functionality currently available via the Portal. Although only a small set of tools are visible to instructors when they log in, the team is hard at work doing the programming and testing and we hope to have those available in short order.

(3) Orgs: As you may have read in an earlier post (https://toolboxrenewal.utoronto.ca/2017/12/16/orgs/) we are working on plans to migrate non-course organizational shells from Portal, either to Office365 or Quercus, as appropriate. If you you own an org, please contact your divisional Portal support person to make sure your needs are being captured.

Stay warm out there folks.