Visits to Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine is an interesting place. Unlike some other divisions, the Faculty’s programs are divided into major, somewhat autonomous areas, such and the MD program, or the Post-MD (Residency+) program, etc. And their teachers and learners are often affiliated with other institutions, like the many teaching hospitals in the city.

As a result, the core Toolbox team has to meet with the different groups independently, unlike the majority of the other divisions. While this adds to the complexity of the project, it does mean the project team gets a more detailed understanding of the Faculty’s needs as we work with the various vice-decanal teams on preparing the project plan.

Accompanying us to these meetings has been Sam Chan, Director of Discovery Commons (DC) – the IT shop in the Faculty of Medicine – which has been very helpful as Sam shares his insights (thanks Sam!)

If you are from the Faculty of Medicine, and you are interested in figuring out your transition plan to the new Toolbox, you can always contact us, however, it may be more productive to be in touch with Sam in the DC first. Besides, the DC is a great place/group, and if you are in the Faculty of Medicine you should definitely be forging a relationship with those friendly techies anyway 😉