Divisional Planning Template

As we’ve mentioned earlier, we’ve been meeting with the leadership teams of every division, and then working with key contacts and leads in the division on a roll-out plan, including migration methodologies and non-standard processes.

We start that process by customizing a standard roll-out plan template, to try and capture the unique needs for each division. Of course, not withstanding the idea of developing a plan from the outset, the team recognizes the need to be agile; as the new ecosystem rolls out, there is no doubt we will encounter new issues to be resolved.

While this document is generally managed jointly by the divisional team and the project management office, we do know that others are generally interested in this process, so we are happy to share the template for everyone to see. And of course, if you have any comments on this process, please let us know via <lme.migration@utoronto.ca>.

View the roll-out plan template by clicking here: