Getting On Board

Credit Ken Jones

The team wants to thank everyone who has begun reaching out for their enthusiasm, especially those instructors who have volunteered to be early adopters. We are as excited as you to get the new environment up and running.

The first step is to configure the system. Our technical operations team has already started working on that, and we hope to get the main work done shortly. At the same time, we have reached out to all divisions, and we will be working with the divisional teams on a roll-out strategy that works for each.

We will also shortly be rolling out a training initiative, again, in coordination with our divisional colleagues; stay tuned for that.

We want to reassure everyone that we will be working full-out to make this change as positive as possible. We know that sometimes a big change like this can make people nervous. But we are full committed to ensuring great outcomes. In fact, we see this as a wonderful opportunity to engage the whole community in thinking about teaching and learning.

So, bookmark this site and stay up-to-date with all the Toolbox news.