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The University of Toronto to enhance its ‘academic toolbox’ teaching and learning ecosystem

The University of Toronto is committed to continuing its leadership in digital learning and providing resources to our faculty, librarians, staff, and students that assist them in pursuing excellence in their teaching and learning. An effective suite of educational technology software – a digital academic toolbox – is essential to that work. The University has […] Read More

In the News

Some interesting articles about Quercus in the student press this week: “The new academic toolbox will have new tools and better flexibility than Portal. The university is currently focused on transferring existing tools and features from Portal to Quercus. While there will be some changes, the major tools will be carried forward to Quercus,” wrote […] Read More

2018 Starts

Welcome back to school. The Quercus roll out is off to a good start. We have more than 40 active courses with approximately 3500 students running this semester. And we are busy moving forward with the next stages, which can be broken into three major threads or themes: (1) Instructor/Course Migration: We are actively working […] Read More

Holiday Sandboxes

As you may have recently seen, our new academic toolbox, Quercus, is now live! All instructors can log in, and when they do, they will see a personal ‘sandbox’ course that they can use to experiment and learn at their own pace. Instructors will also see a friendly greeting with a link to a self-paced […] Read More

Contest Winner: QUERCUS

The Academic Toolbox Renewal Steering Committee is pleased to announce the winner of the naming contest for the University of Toronto’s new teaching and learning environment (and replacement for Portal) – Quercus! “Quercus” is the Latin name for the Oak tree genus. The proposed name was submitted by three students, Saski Gjelsvik (Woodsworth), Kenneth Holyoke […] Read More